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Vacant Land Scam
Quick Guide – No the Red Flags

Town of Truckee
STR Information

Placer County
STR Information

Property Management STR Forum 4/20/22
Town of Truckee Presentation
Placer County Presentation

TRPA Presentation 4/19/22
TRPA 103 for Realtors

Placer County STR Update 02/15/22
New STR Ordinance and Application Review Webinar Recording
STR Ordinance Fact Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions
Placer County Approved Condo-Hotels Not Subject to STR Ordinance

Placer County STR Update 2/8/22
Placer County STR Update

Truckee Moratorium Update 2/8/22
Town of Truckee Meeting Update
TSBOR Letter to Town Council

Placer County STR Moratorium Update 01/25/22
Placer County BOS Meeting Update
TSBOR Letter to Placer County Supervisors

Truckee STR Survey 01/18/22
Town of Truckee STR Survey Information

Truckee Moratorium Extension Update 10/27/21
Truckee Moratorium Extension Update

Truckee Moratorium Extension 10/26/21
TSBOR Red Alert
Background Info

Truckee Moratorium Update 9/28/21
Truckee Moratorium Update

Truckee 45 Day Moratorium on STRS 9/24/21
TSBOR Red Alert

Moratorium Update 9/10/21
Placer County Moratorium Update – Exemptions

Moratorium Extension 9/1/21
Placer County Moratorium Update

45 Day Moratorium on STRs 7/26/21
TSBOR Realtor Alert

Tahoe Donner HOA Inspection Program
Tahoe Donner Inspection Program Realtor Letter
Tahoe Donner Inspection Program FAQs

Defensible Space and Home Hardening 2021
How to comply with the new laws 2021

2012 Placer Woodstove Regulations
Wood Stove Statement of Compliance Disclosure at POS
Placer County Wood Stove Information Handbook
Implementation Manual for POS for Non-Certified Free Standing Wood Stoves
Placer County Air Pollution District Resolution
PCAPD Rules and Regulations Highlights

Committee Materials
State Board of Equalization letter to each County Assessor referencing Prop 19 tax portability implementation
Placer County Short Term Rental Ordinance
California Senate Bill 832 (Gaines)
Town Truckee House Staff Rpt
TRPA RPU Phase I Recap
TRPA Shorezone Court Decision

Defensible Space – El Dorado County
Chipping Program
Getting Ready
Homeowners Checklist

Defensible Space – Fuel Management
Firewise Landscaping Checklist
Fuel Management Terms
Home Landscape for Fire
Limb Removal
Plant Options
Vegetation Management

Defensible Space – General Information
CA Defensible Space Law
CA Fire Code
CA-NV Tahoe Basin Fire Commission Key Findings
CA-NV Tahoe Basin Fire Commission Report
CAL FIRE Guidelines
CDF Fire Plan
Defensible Space Checklist
Defensible Space FAQs
Defensible Space Rebates
Defensible Space Regulations
Fire Information Engine Toolkit
Fire Safe Council Resources
Homeowners Checklist, Cal-Fire
Homeowners Checklist, Fire Safe Council
Homeowners Checklist, Fire Safe Council (Spanish)
In Case of Wildfire
Wildfire Mitigation Guide
Wildfire Retrofits
Wildland Urban Interface Report
Wildland-Urban Fire Whitepaper

Defensible Space – North Tahoe
North Tahoe Fire District Defensible Space Info
North Tahoe Fire District Tree Removal Permit

Defensible Space – Placer County
Defensible Space Ordinance
Defensible Space Residential
Defensible Space Vacant Land

Defensible Space – TRPA
Fire Protection Agencies Map
Living With Fire – Homeowner’s Guide
Rebate Information
TRPA Code of Ordinances – Exempt Activities
TRPA Code of Ordinances – Tree Removal
TRPA Defensible Space Checklist
TRPA Defensible Space Info
TRPA Tree Removal Application

Defensible Space – Truckee
Defensible Space Programs and Info
Residential Inspection Form
Vacant Property Inspection Form

Defensible Space Supplemental Docs A-Z
17 Dec Broadcast
7 steps to fire safe home
Adoption of 2008 Cal Fire Code as CSD Ord
Broadcast to TSBOR on 19 Aug NCSD meeting
Cal Public Resources Code 4291  4299
CalFire BeforeDuringAfter Wildfire
CalFire DefensibleSpaceFlyer
CalFire DefensibleSpaceFlyer Spanish
CalFire Homeowner CheckList
CalFire Homeowner CheckList Spanish
CalFire Why 100 ft brochure
Defensible Space Regulations final § 1299 2_17
defspacebulletin Dec 2009
draft MOU Fed to State on Wild Fire 2006
draft State Task Force Recommend WildUrban
FireSafeCouncil Info
Governor EXECUTIVE ORDER S 05 09
NCSD Measure K tax passed
NCSD Wild Land Fire Prevention Ord 4-00
Northstar CSD DefSpc reminder
Northstar CSD Fire Defensible Space Contacts
Northstar HOA min June 2009 Fire DefenSpace Rp
sb_833_bill_chaptered 2009
State Fire Marshal Rpt Feb 2009
TSBOR Letter Northstar CSD p-o-s DefenSp Ord

FirstTime Homebuyer Assist PLACER Co
flyer housing rehab Placer
Placer FirstTime Homebuyer basics
Placer FirstTime Homebuyer comprehensive program i
Placer homebuyer assist interest form
Placer house rehab application
Placer Income standards housing assist

FirstTime HomeBuyer Assist TRUCKEE
Applicant Instructions
Downpay app
Town fair lending practices notice
Town FirstTime homebuyer Downpayment assist app fo
Town for sale afford housing contact list
Truckee APPLICATION downpay assist
Truckee downpay schedule
Truckee DownpayApplicationChecklist
Truckee Downpayment Assist inDepth info
Truckee downpayment assist overview
Truckee INCOME self certification FORM
Truckee instruct income calcs form
Truckee instructions to complete application
Truckee LOCAL work or live FORM

Hot Topics and Trends
BMP Workshop Flyer
Sign Rules – Tahoe Donner
Sign Rules – Town of Truckee

Mold Matters
Mold & Real Estate
Mold 101
Mold FAQs

Northstar Fire Defensible Space
Defensible Space Info Pamphlet w/signature return
DefensibleSpace Contractor List 2009
Gen Guidelines for DefensibleSpace
NCSD Ord. No. 26-09
Northstar Fire AllowRight to Access Res Prop f

Sewer Lateral Testing At-Sale Guidelines
Sewer Ordinance – Lateral Testing
Sewer Ordinance – revised June 2009

Pioneer Denton Road Maintenance Assoc
Assessment District Info
Donner Heights Lakeview subdiv Assmnt

Placer APCD WoodStove
Broadcast content
current email thread on p-o-s
POS Issues and Alts
preadoption Q & A FAQs
Rule 225 amend staff report
Rule 225 as amended
Supervisors Ch15 Code p-o-s
TSBOR advocate letter to APCD
TSBOR Pres Letter to Supes

Placer Co TOT tax matters 2008
26 Dec 2007 notification letter
Audit Recommendation Co Ex
Brief to CAR Sacto VII
City Finance Litigation Update
County TOT FAQs
County TOT Ord Code
Court Decision on Records Books
Expanded Issue Brief V
HiRes Repro of Moots DENIAL
Info Booklet on TOT
Issue Brief Action VI
Letter to Supervisors
Placer County August 2008 TOT Relief Letter.
Request DENIED letter from Co
State Statute & Key Tax Info
TOT Cert Application
TOT Cert close end notice
TOT Exemption Claim Form
TOT IBP ABBRV draft six
TOT Worksheet

Property Management Issues
New Laws 2024
June 2010 Advocate Packet

Talmont RID
Notice of Intent & Ord

TCPUD Backflow Issue
Research and Notes
TCPUD Disclosure

Town of Truckee
Open House Sign Agreement
Sign Ordinance
Woodstove Rebate Form
Woodstove Rebate Program
Woodstove Removal Form

Town of Truckee – Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing Draft Ordinance – 2006
Draft Ordinance – 2006
General Plan Housing Element – February 2005
Inclusionary Housing Checklist

TRPA – Erosion Control hisztory
BMP Fact Sheet
BMP Transfer Disclosure Form
Priority Watersheds Map
Property Owner’s Guide to BMPs

IPES – 2004 Scores
Owners Guide to Land Capability & Coverage

TRPA – Woodstove Retrofit
Approved Woodstoves List
Woodstove Compliance Transfer Form

BMP Brochure HandOut
BMP Disclose FORM v2009Sept
Code Ch 25 BMP Requirements
Erosion Control BMPs Workshop

Gov Bd Agenda
Water Quality Milestones

TRPA Shorezone
Response on Buoys

Truckee First-Time Homebuyer Program
DwnPay Assist Program Guidelines
staff report to the Council

US Forest Service
Forest Plan Revision Topics