Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee convenes once a year to recruit candidates and review nominations for both the TSBOR and TSMLS Officer and Director positions.

Nomination forms are sent to the general membership in April and members have until the end of the month to submit their candidates for review. The Nominating Committee begins contacting members who have been nominated to explain the position to which they have been nominated, the time commitment necessary and answer any questions. Once the nominees have been contacted, the Nominating Committee meets to determine the slate upon which the membership will vote.

Ballots are then mailed to all members in May and the election takes place during the month. New Officers and Directors are announced in June.

Chair: Mary Nell Hartnett


  • Bill Leeder
  • Norm Nicholls
  • John Bieble
  • Al Colhoun
  • Jody Scowcroft
  • Jennifer Boehm