The state legislative session is now in full swing.  Bills have been introduced and hearings are taking place.   

C.A.R. is sponsoring several bills.  AB 2592 (Grayson) Local Planning: Housing Elements: Affordable Housing would expand the existing priority planning for water and sewer service afforded to lower-income rental housing developments in the Starter Home Revitalization Act (SB 684, Caballero, Statutes of 2023).   AB 2717 (Alvarez) Land Use: Housing Element would require local housing elements to include a dynamic analysis of planned homeownership units to ensure that local governments are planning for the housing supply necessary to meet existing housing demand needs for all types of housing.  AB 2992 (Nguyen) Real Estate Licenses would enact mandatory buyer-broker agency agreements in all residential transactions.

C.A.R. is also opposing several bills.  AB 2216 (Haney) Pets in Rental Housing would impose onerous requirements on housing providers.  AB 2304 (Lee) Unlawful Detainer: Case Records would, among other provisions, expand masking requirements to apply to unlawful detainer cases involving more than $35,000 in unpaid rent, making it much more difficult for housing providers to determine a rental applicant’s ability to pay the rent. 

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