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If you have not checked out C.A.R.’s Leasing Resource Center, you could be missing out on some of today’s important property management tools for REALTORS®.

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Over 45,000 rental listings available with your FREE C.A.R. Member benefit.

Did you know all C.A.R. members get FREE access to the California Rental Listing Service, which includes a comprehensive database of residential rental listings not typically found on an MLS, plus unlimited rental application and tenant screenings?

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Eliminate the stress of unpaid rent by insuring your rental income – at no cost to you.

What can you cover? Missed rent, late fees, vacancy loss, lease breaks, no shows, holdovers, damages and other expenses that could be covered by a security deposit. The renter pays for the policy, and the property is covered for up to the full lease amount, depending on the amount of coverage you choose.

Trusted since 2015 by the country’s biggest names in real estate, we’ve secured over $3B in rent and deposits. Choose peace of mind with TheGuarantors.

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Livable Pro is the first DIY Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS) platform that lets housing providers of every size bill residents for master-billed utilities, including water, trash, and sewer, which increases property value and boosts NOI. Using a transparent and fair ratio utility billing algorithm, users can share bills among residents based on occupancy, in-unit amenities, common area amenities and more.    

Although the Pro platform was designed for the independent rental owner, with no unit minimums or commitments, Livable can also serve large property managers. C.A.R. members can get 3 months of Livable Pro for free by using discount code CAR3ForFree.   

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New from RentSpree Tenant Screening! Add more insights and tools to your screening process for greater security and confidence when selecting tenants. This upgraded bundle is FREE for you as a property representative, an additional $9.99 for applicants, and comes with these features:

  • Automated document requests
  • Reference requests
  • Verified income information

Have the flexibility to get comprehensive applicant information fast so you can get back to other important tasks.

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Are your clients tired of dealing with manual paperwork and looking for tools to manage finances for their rental properties? As a subject matter expert, you’ll want to confidently suggest the latest and the best accounting softwares on the market.

With Hemlane’s accounting software, your clients can securely connect their financial accounts and instantly start tracking performance of their rental properties in real-time. Strengthen your relationships, and make new ones by offering sound advice to your clients. 

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