FortressFire and C.A.R. have launched the Wildfire Disclosure Report (WFDR). C.A.R. recommends the report to help buyers, sellers, and their agents become better informed of wildfire risks – including regulatory compliance and insurability – minimizing confusion and bringing greater certainty to real estate transactions.

Although not legally required to close a California residential real estate transaction, the Wildfire Disclosure Report is being integrated into C.A.R.’s Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA) in November 2023 as an optional report to facilitate informed decisions in transactions around wildfire risk for the specific property.

The report is available to licensed real estate professionals through NHD distribution partners: First American/JCP-LGS, SnapNHD, myNHD, and PropertyID (coming soon). The WFDR can be ordered as part of escrow services or via credit card, depending on the NHD distribution partner.