Sign up for the CodeRED Emergency Alert System: Truckee Police Department and the Truckee Fire Protection District switched from Nixle to the CodeRED Emergency Alert System as the primary method of communication during critical incidents on June 1, 2022. CodeRED is an opt-in notification system, and these alerts may be received as text, email, landline, cell phone, and TTY. By joining CodeRED we will be on one platform with Nevada County creating continuity between our jurisdictions. Residents and visitors are encouraged to subscribe to CodeRED to stay informed in the event of an emergency. If you were a subscriber of Nixle you will need to subscribe to CodeRED.

Cal Fire would like to remind the public to stay vigilant on current fire conditions. Be sure to adhere to road closures and any evacuation orders and warnings. Remember to drive slowly and yield to emergency personnel in the area. If at any time you feel unsafe, please call 911.

Sign-up for Cal Fire Text Message Alerts: Simply enter your zip code and phone number and you’ll receive text message updates of any active wildfires near you –

Make an Evacuation Plan: Create a Wildfire Action Plan for your family and office. Being ready to go also means knowing when to evacuate and what to do if you become trapped. This CAL FIRE evacuation guide provides everything from checklists, evacuation steps, power outage info, animal evacuation and more –

Click below for more information on wildfire preparedness: