Governor Newsom had until September 30th to sign or veto bills on his desk. Of the 1,166 pieces of legislation sent to the Governor in the 2022 Session, he signed 997 and vetoed 169. Of those he signed, several are C.A.R. priority bills. They include two sponsored bills, AB 2170 (Grayson) and AB 2245 (Ramos), and a priority-support bill, AB 2960 (Committee on Judiciary).

AB 2170 prohibits the bulk sale of REO parcels by large mortgage servicers.

AB 2245 extends the protections of the Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act to any partition action of real property held in tenancy in common where there is no agreement in a record binding all the cotenants.

AB 2960 mandates that disclosure requirements in effect on the date that all parties enter into a real estate contract or agreement subject to those requirements are the requirements that apply to that contract or agreement.

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