When you hear about using social media for business, you likely think of the usual suspects: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, maybe even Tik Tok. But chances are LinkedIn probably isn’t high up on the list. That’s because, according to LinkedIn Coach Judi Fox, nine out of 10 people will say LinkedIn is professional. According to Fox, in order to be successful with your LinkedIn profile, you must change that mindset. Replace it with LinkedIn is for leaders. It’s easier to think of the people we admire as leaders, to see what they post on LinkedIn and to emulate their success. We want to look at LinkedIn and see who shows up like we’d want to show up. Leaders get clients. Leaders get conversations going. Leaders hold expertise/authority without knowing everything. That simple mindset shift could unlock everything about LinkedIn.

Fox breaks down the four sections on your LinkedIn profile to SELL you:

  1. Cover image: She recently wrote this article 5 Ways your LinkedIn Profile Cover Photo Can Sell for You that unlocks the top ways a cover image can be used for entrepreneurs.
  2. Headline SEO: You want to show up in Google searches. To get found in these searches, take advantage of writing titles for yourself in the experience and the top headlines sections. Consider these areas as SEO rich.
  3. About section: Think of your LinkedIn profile like a website. Just like the About section on a website, your About section on your LinkedIn section allows you to sell yourself. Instead of thinking of it as a resume, think of it as a place where you can say to people, I’m relatable; I’ve got a story; connect with me.
  4. Featured: This is the gold of your LinkedIn profile. It’s the most frequently updated section. If you don’t already have this turned on in your profile, go into your settings and add a profile section. Then you can showcase: a calendar link to book a call, a post or article, your website, an event link or webinar, your book or service to purchase, your YouTube video link, your podcast link and testimonials.