C.A.R. members now have access to a FREE online platform, which walks home sellers step-by-step through the seller’s property disclosure forms.

Sellers Shield™ allows agents to:

  • Quickly send up-to-date, state-approved disclosure forms to their clients.
  • Monitor client progress.
  • Access the electronically-signed, PDF versions of the completed documents.

Our Smart Seller Tools™:

  • Make sure the seller understands the legal importance of the documents.
  • Guide the seller through the forms with definitions, resources, and support.
  • Reduces agent liability and helps the agent meet their fiduciary duty.

Optional Home Sale Legal Protection™ — a $20,000 Promise

  • Provides peace of mind from home sale legal claims.
  • Costs less than a 1-hour legal consultation.
  • If a seller is sued, Sellers Shield™ reviews the claim, assigns a lawyer, and pays the legal bill.

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