January 21st was the last day for committees to hear any bills introduced last year in that house. Here are some bills that C.A.R. is supporting or opposing that did make the deadline and which we will continue to be engaged in.

AB 854 (Lee) Ellis Act- OPPOSE: forces property owners to stay in the rental business, regardless of the viability of that business, for at least 5 years before being able to use the Ellis Act to go out of business.

AB 1093 (Jones-Sawyer) California Notary Protection Act- OPPOSE UNLESS AMENDED: The amendments adopted on Jan. 3 would invalidate, or at least put into question, the long-standing interstate recognition doctrine if a remotely notarized document is executed in another state – potentially invalidating any recording made outside of California.

SB 379 (Wiener) Residential Solar Energy Systems: Permitting- SUPPORT: would require local governments to implement an online, automated permitting platform that verifies code compliance and issues permits in real time for average sized single family solar energy systems.

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