We are happy to announce C.A.R.’s new interactive Fair Housing course and Implicit Bias course that are now part of the FREE 45-hour CE packages for license renewals. Licensees with a renewal date of January 1, 2023 or later are required to take both an Implicit Bias and an interactive Fair Housing course as part of their required 45 hours of Continuing Education. If the licensee has completed their 45 hours in 2022 with the former CE package and old coursework but their license doesn’t actually renew until 2023, they will still be required to take these two new courses even if they already have taken the required 45 hours. Anyone with a license expiring prior to January 1 will be required to take these courses if renewal documentation is submitted late – on or after January 1. Find more information on the new FH/IB requirements on the DRE website at: https://dre.ca.gov/Licensees/CERequirements.html.