The New York Times recently published an article about alleged sexual harassment, workplace retaliation and other misconduct at NAR. The article brought into sharp focus a set of alleged egregious behaviors, and led to the resignation of NAR President Kenny Parcell, with NAR President-elect Tracy Kasper stepping in to fulfill the duties of president.

This news is extremely upsetting to all of us as a community. We acknowledge the deep disappointment, anger, and frustration we are feeling at this time. We applaud the bravery of the women who have chosen to come forward and share their experiences. It is through such courage to speak out that meaningful change can occur. Men and women who enable this type of behavior through action or inaction should be held accountable. We all have a role to play in making sure we learn from this and become better individuals and a stronger organization. We look forward to the steps NAR will be taking in the days and months ahead and hope these efforts will help in the healing of our industry and our community.

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