Often when we hear about voting, the public discussion focuses on Election Day (or days in the case of early and absentee voting). However, an important component of the voting process occurs before the actual act of voting—voter registration. The requirement of registering to vote before being able to cast a ballot has been integral to how our democracy functions and provides both barriers and opportunities to voter participation, particularly for communities of color. For example, just slightly over half of eligible Asian Americans and Latinos were registered to vote in the last two federal elections, with a persistent disparity as compared to white voters of 15–20 percent less in voter registration and turnout.

There has been growing attention on voter registration and the role it plays in our democracy. On the one hand, voter registration has been increasingly under attack as a way to erect barriers to voting and suppress the vote of certain communities. On the other hand, election reform efforts to increase access to voter registration, in recognition of the fact that more parity in voter turnout is achieved once registered, have also been on the rise. 

Now REALTORS can play a part in making sure all eligible voters have registered. By sharing information about how to register with your clients, we can ensure that all voices are heard. Here is the link to share: https://registertovote.ca.gov/