zipForm® Plus is getting a new name. Starting today, the name of zipForm Plus will change to Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm Edition).

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see this new name in various places, including within the platform and in training materials. You will continue to access your account through the homepage, in the circle newly labeled “Transactions zipForm Edition” or through your brokerage. 

The platform will continue to function in the same manner in which you are accustomed, including MLS-Connect, zipForm® Mobile, zipVault® and more. Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm Edition) will remain a member benefit for all C.A.R. members, and you will continue to access all the features you rely on, including current statewide contracts, local forms, and more.
Training via monthly webinars, outreaches and zipTips will still be available from C.A.R.  Please contact us with any questions at