How To Create Your Own Client Marketing Videos

By any chance did you wish for a three-minute video to teach
you how to create your own marketing videos?

You may have already started chugging out custom marketing videos using the content provided in your free member marketing video tool, Content Studio. But have you added your own video messages into your content?

Here’s a 240-second rundown on how to effectively record your own marketing video:

Tutorial Video on Creating Marketing Videos

Background Camera Orientation
You can choose a simple, uncluttered background to keep the focus on you, rather than what’s behind you. Or choose something that represents your business: your office or
in front of a house
you just sold.
If you don’t have a high-quality camera, no worries. You can create a professional-looking video from your phone or tablet. Two items to boost your video quality: a tripod and either a lav microphone or tripod microphone.
For Content Studio videos, we recommend shooting a horizontal or landscape shot. And use the camera on the BACK of your
smart device. On most devices, this camera is
higher quality. 


Check out the full tutorial video.
Then you’ll be poppin’ out marketing videos in no time… for no cost.

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