Starting the first week in January, you’ll notice Hurdlr Premium within your REALTOR® SECURE TRANSACTION  dashboard. Hurdlr Premium is a simple business expense and mileage tracking app. This highly rated app is now FREE for all C.A.R. members (a $100+ annual value) and provides you additional financial tools including: automatic expense, income, and mileage tracking, real-time tax estimates and reminders, and automatic tax filing with CPA reporting. Take advantage of this FREE benefit and make 2022 your strongest financial year on record.

Hurdlr Premium includes these features and more:

  • 100% automatic mileage tracking
  • Built-in AI technology that learns your tagging habits, helps you tag expenses and mileage automatically and serves them up to you for quick reference
  • Detailed tax calculations with your potential tax deductions
  • Instant links to your other financial accounts
  • Real-time reports of your business finances

Check back here the first week of January to claim your new member benefit!

Would you like to receive, manage, and compare multiple offers right within Transactions (zipForm Edition)? OfferPlace™ is a secure and convenient environment to send and receive offers right from within your transaction platform, creating an uninterrupted workflow to help you get offers accepted and deals closed faster. With OfferPlace™, you can auto-populate data from transactions, compare offers, and keep track of transaction statuses in one central location.

Key benefits:

  • Send and receive offers directly to your zipForm account and get real time notifications
  • Save time by auto-populating data from transactions into offers
  • Compare offers and keep track of transaction statuses
  • See an overview of all offers in active transactions in one central location
  • Return signed contracts using zipLogix Digital Ink® 2.0

Keep an eye out for this new member benefit mid-January 2022! Learn more and see the full list of features here.

With the zipForm Elite Messaging App, there is no need to download documents and send as attachments. Coming early January, you will be able to share transaction PDF documents, forms, and ListFlash® listings directly from your iPhone. Anything shared in the app will be captured in the transaction history for your records. Download the zipForm Elite Messaging App from the App Store now and stay tuned for your FREE access this January.*