With so many tech tools available, sometimes it can be hard to nail down which ones are the best. Sometimes, the best tool is the one you didn’t even know existed.

To help REALTORS® narrow the focus on which tech tools are the best bang for the buck, Jeremias “JMan” Maneiro recently spoke at C.A.R.’s REimagine Real Estate Virtual Conference and Expo and talked about his favorite tech tools.

JMan broke down the tools into four categories: social media, livestreaming, YouTube and Zoom. Here are a few of the tools he recommends.

In the social media category, JMan talked about Dubb, an all-in-one video and marketing platform that lets you create, share, host and track video of all formats to help grow your business. Some of the features he mentioned include: posting to social media, embedding into an email, creating animated GIFs, automatically creating closed captioning, generating emoji responses from viewers, and automatically including your contact information and social media links in every video.

Dubb also provides tracking for each video, such as who viewed it, where they viewed it from, and creator insights like the number of words spoken in the video, words per minute, your frequently repeated words, if you use filler words and the general vibe of your video.

Under livestreaming, he talked about three different websites and apps that make livestreaming to multiple platforms easier, one of which was Streamyard.

Streamyard allows you to livestream to multiple destinations – such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube – with as many as 12 people at a time. Streamyard also is the only one that can be used from a mobile device. The others require the user to be on a computer. Additionally, Streamyard allows the user to show comments on the screen while livestreaming, in real time.

Next, JMan talked about YouTube. He said every REALTOR® should have a YouTube channel and be posting to it frequently. The three main things to keep in mind when using YouTube are the three Ts: titles, tags and thumbnails.

According to JMan, thumbnails for a video are like the curb appeal for a house. If the video doesn’t have a good thumbnail, people won’t click.

His preferred tool for creating thumbnails is Thumbnail Blaster. It allows users to create attention-grabbing thumbnails in three easy steps using AI. The user simply selects a video and Thumbnail Blaster automatically selects a thumbnail for it.

One of the interesting features JMan mentioned is the A/B testing that Thumbnail Blaster provides. Users can select two different thumbnails for the same video and compare the stats for each to see which performs better.

Lastly, he talked about Zoom integrations. One of the tools he presented is Zoom Immersive view which provides more of a one-on-one or small group setting rather than a corporate meeting setup. Meeting attendees appear to be sitting at the same table rather than in individual Zoom squares.

JMan talked about many other tools during his session, which can be viewed on demand in the REimagine platform through Dec. 31, 2021.