Heard about the Proposition 19 property tax break?
Wondering who qualifies?
Curious to see the tax break in action?

Last month, C.A.R. began running a new consumer ad campaign to educate consumers who might benefit from Proposition 19. In addition to a targeted ad campaign, we’ve created a new website (prop19taxbreak.com) for consumers to get up-to-date information on this potential property tax break.

Think your clients would benefit from this tax break? Here are four ways they can learn more about Prop 19 and how they could save money:

1 Ask you, their REALTOR®.
2 Visit prop19taxbreak.com.
3 Check their County Assessor’s website.
4 View a sample Prop 19 transfer form.


Visit the website to learn more about eligibility and how your clients can take advantage of this tax break.
visit prop19taxbreak.com

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