Attention iPad users!  Paragon 5 is available on iPad versions 1 and 2 so that Members can access the most used areas of the system for their day-to-day business.  The following features of Paragon 5 are available for use on the iPad Safari Browser, (a specialized downloadable Application is not needed on the iPad to access Paragon 5, but only the iPad Safari Browser is compatible with the system):

  • Home Page and Overall User Interface
  • Multi tasking via Tabs
  • In-Line Auto Complete of Fields (where available)
  • Property Searches
  • Spreadsheets/Results Views
  • E-mail
  • Financials
  • Contacts
  • Client Connect
  • CMA (View Only Capability)’

For a full list of functionality and limitations, view the LPS Workgroup iPad Support Document.