Last week C.A.R. sponsored bill AB 491 (Ward), which would eliminate discrimination in mixed-income multifamily housing, passed out of the Legislature and is now on the Governor’s Desk awaiting Governor Newsom’s signature.

We are also pleased to announce that C.A.R. supported AB 948 (Holden) passed out of the Senate and is now pending a final vote in the Assembly. Once it passed out of the Assembly, as it is likely to do, it will go to the Governor for his consideration.

More information on these bills can be found below. 

The Senate and Assembly have until Friday, Sept. 10, to pass all remaining bills and send them to the Governor for his consideration and possible signature. After the conclusion of session on Friday they will be on recess until January 3, 2022, when the second year of this two-year session will begin.


AB 491 (Ward & Gonzalez) Eliminates Discrimination in Mixed-Income Multifamily Housing –Current law allows for the construction of a mixed-income multifamily structure in which the occupants of the affordable units do not have the same access to the common entrances, common areas, and common amenities as the occupants of the market-rate units. C.A.R. is sponsoring AB 491 to prohibit this discriminatory housing practice.

This bill is on the Governor’s Desk.

AB 948 (Holden) Appraiser Discrimination – This bill requires a purchase agreement in a real estate transaction to inform a seller and buyer of the opportunity to report, through the Department of Consumer Affairs’ internet website or telephone number, any suspicion of a discriminatory appraisal by the holder of a real estate appraiser license. It, furthermore, would require such a notice to be provided by a lender when a buyer is applying for a loan. Finally, the bill will make changes to the fair housing       to apply the law to refinancing transactions. C.A.R. staff was involved in working with the Author’s office to help make the bill effective and at the same time ensure it did not delay real estate transactions.

This bill passed out of the Senate and is now pending a vote on the Assembly Floor.