Let your listings do the talking on Facebook & Instagram with JustListed.Social, a C.A.R. Business Products Partner. Via this social marketing partner, you can promote a Just Listed, Just Sold, Price Change or Open House campaign without a long-term commitment. These prospect-focused ads are designed to run for just 3 days, 7 days, or 14 days to generate leads in real-time as they progress, and thus making them perfect to test and see which generates the most lead for you! 

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Created to provide agents with affordable “done-for-you” social marketing solutions, JustListed.Social is an industry leader in providing prospecting and marketing campaigns through social media. Whether it’s lead-generation (prospecting) Listing Ads or branding-focused (marketing) Farming Ads, the campaigns are designed to maximize your return-on-investment. 

Whether you’re interested in the long-term benefits of marketing yourself through its Farming Ads or prospecting and expanding your lead pipeline through its Listing Ads, simply visit JustListed.Social to grow your business.