California is experiencing a dire housing shortage because it fails to build enough residential units to meet the demand. The state ranks 49th in the number of housing units per resident and in 2018 had a rental vacancy rate of 4.4%. Job growth continued to outpace housing starts, causing housing prices and rents to rise faster than wages. C.A.R. is co-sponsoring SB 50 (Weiner), to address the state’s housing crisis by encouraging the creation of new housing units in urban environments. Specifically, SB 50 seeks to implement strategies that meet both California’s transportation and housing planning policies by reducing a family’s vehicle miles traveled in accordance with SB 375 (Steinberg, Statutes of 2008). Recent amendments create flexibility for local governments instead of having a “one-size-fits-all” solution that applies to every city automatically. Cities can now tailor their plans to local needs and priorities, integrating community input if their plan zones for the same or greater amount of housing as would be created under SB 50. As amended, SB 50 will act more like a contingency plan for cities that fail to make their own plans.