With the Legislature up and running in full force, here is an update on three C.A.R.-sponsored bills. Two of the bills focus on helping ensure transparency on the costs attached to housing and housing production. The third focuses on helping reduce the costs to construct affordable housing. 

AB 119 (Salas) Special Districts: Fee Transparency
Create more transparency for the buyer about special district fees before entering into the transaction. Requires the County Auditor/Controller to post the combined direct levies accessed on real property along with the current tax rate on their website. 

AB 244 (Blanca Rubio) Updating California’s Affordable Housing Cost Study
Would require the state’s housing agencies to update the California Cost Study, last released in October 2014, to provide actual costs to constructing affordable and market rate housing. 

AB 571 (Mayes) Density Bonus: Fee Reduction to Construct Below Market Rate Unit 
Prohibits local governments from assessing affordable housing fees on the deed restricted affordable units contained within a density bonus application.

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