Two weeks ago, C.A.R. informed you that Glide Labs, Inc. had been acquired by Compass. Because of that action, C.A.R. will no longer offer Glide software as a benefit of membership. Starting Monday, May 17, C.A.R. members can no longer access Glide through the website and will need to access Glide via
In an effort to minimize disruption for those members who still wish to use the product, C.A.R. has reached a license agreement with Glide to allow use of C.A.R. standard forms within the Glide platform. C.A.R. members may continue to use the Glide product for their transactions or if they choose not to use Glide, they will be able to export their transactions to a destination of their choosing including Transactions, zipForm® Edition. 

As part of this agreement, C.A.R. has negotiated additional protections to ensure that member and client data will be safeguarded. Further, Glide’s new owner, Compass, will not have access to any of this data except for very narrow situations, such as security issues and product improvement.  

C.A.R. members who choose to use Glide will have the option to consent to Glide’s sharing of their data with third parties, such as service providers. It is important to understand that C.A.R. members need to determine for themselves whether Glide is the best transaction management platform for them. 

As always, C.A.R. is committed to protecting members’ best interests. For those members who use Glide, this agreement will provide continued access to this transaction management solution.

Members who experience any issues accessing Glide should contact Glide directly at

For more information, please see the FAQs here.