CCRE Panel- Climate Change and Housing

As wildfires and heat waves become commonplace concerns in the state, it’s clear that California needs a comprehensive action plan to reduce wildfire risk, improve environmental conditions, adapt insurance needs, and accelerate action to combat climate change. CCRE, an institute of C.A.R., invites you to join us on May 12 for a free virtual discussion that will cover climate change trends, efforts to build resiliency to protect communities, and the future of housing development in a wildfire-prone state.

CCRE Panel- Climate Change and housing

The virtual panel will look into how we can empower property owners, homeowners, local governments, and pertinent stakeholders to proactively reduce wildfire hazards to minimize the loss of property and life and be active participants
in advancing effective solutions.

Register here

Are you in? Click here to sign up for the panel and visit to access resources on climate change’s impact on real estate. 

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