C.A.R. has partnered with Roost to its’ access to a powerful productivity tool to increase your engagement on Facebook and Twitter.  This tool saves hours of time and increase your business presence. With Roost you can create and manage your social marketing campaigns with suggested content and leverage key contacts in less than 20 minutes per week.  Roost answers two basic questions to help you develop successful marketing campaigns:

What do I post and when?
The Campaign Creator answers these questions, suggests types of content to post and provides easy access to articles, blogs, and other original content. Add your own feeds, such as your blog or other websites that you follow. Then use Roost Analytics to help you gauge the success of your social marketing efforts.

How do I position myself as the local real estate expert?
The Real Estate Tab helps you create a customizable local real estate tab within your Facebook Business page by joining your business partners together to jointly promote and share content.

To get started with your FREE Roost account, visit www.car.org/tools/joinRoost. With a few simple clicks (requires previous log in to www.car.org) you’ll be set-up and ready to use Roost to manage your social network presence.

For more about how Roost can help you manage your social networking presence, please view the Roost video.